Greetings and Salutations!

Hi there and welcome to my new blog.  I’m Peter Rogers a British comic writer, you may know me from my contributions to the anthology series Eleventh Hour from Orang Utan Comics Studio and AAM/Markosia. Or you may not know me at all…

Anyway I thought it was high time that I had a place to talk about my comics writing and nothing else (no movies I’ve seen, photos I’ve taken, or songs I think you should hear) and this seemed like the perfect place to start.  I aim to post at least once a week to let you know what I’m up to and to help keep me focussed .

I am currently working on a number of creator owned mini series which are in various stages of development. 

Forgotten Planet – sci fi with artist Azim Akberali.

Slam Ridley – sci fi with co-creator Ian Sharman and artist Craig Yeung.

Valhalla – viking tale with artist Simon Wyatt.

5th Outlaw – modern day Western with artist J.C Grande.

Fifteen Minute Heroes – superheroes, artist TBA.

Night Shift – superheroes, artist TBA.

More on each of these very soon….