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Month: September, 2009

The Interactives artist announced

After lots and lots of deliberation I have decided that Argentinian artist Luciano Vecchio will be providing pencils and inks for new mini series “the interactives”. Here’s the kind of thing you can expect to see.

This page is set in St Nicholas Market, Bristol

This page is set in St Nicholas Market, Bristol


The Interactives – Jun Joe Monares test page

Here is Jun Joe Monares’ take on page 2 and 3 from #1.  Low res pencils as the high res files are huge.  Enjoy!The Interactives by Jun Joe Monares

The Interactives – Luciano Vecchio test page

This initial test page is a double page spread that appears on pages 2 and 3 of the first issue.   Luciano pencilled and inked this sample. Enjoy!

The Interactives by Luciano Vecchio

The Interactives takes shape

One of the main reasons I haven’t been giving regular updates on the various books I am working on is because I have been busy working on a new series.  It is based in the UK and focuses on a group of cyber geeks, think Primaevel meets Quantum Leap…kind of.  

Over the last month or so seven artists submitted test pages and I have now narrowed my selection to two, Argentinian Luciano Vecchio (Sentinels,Cruel Thing) and Jun Joe Monares (Salamandra, Helldorado, Honor of the Damned) from the Phillipines.   They are both currently working on a second test page before I make a final choice.  It’s going to be a very hard decision as I love both their work.   Whichever artist I go with will be joined on the project by Orang Utan Comics’ own multi talented colourist Yel Zamor.