The Interactives update

by thatrogersguy

Anyone who’s been checking in here for the last 18 months or so will have heard of “The Interactives”, the graphic novel I have coming out later this year (that’s the plan anyway).   I’ve had more fun working on this book than anything else I’ve written and that’s mainly down to the art team I’m working with.  Argentinian artist Luciano Vecchio is pencilling and inking the book  and he’s just worked on a Ben 10 short for Issue 57 of DC’s Cartoon Network Action Pack which is out at the end of February.    And rising star (vote for her in the Eagle Awards folks) Yel Zamor who worked on Hero 9-5 recently is on colouring duties.   The great thing about both of them is that they write themselves so their input on the story and characterisation has been invaluable, it’s a real team effort which has helped me believe in the project and world we’ve created.  The book is broken down as the equivalent of three 24 page issues and the first page of Issue 3 arrived in my inbox today, so it won’t be long until we’re done.

The book looks and feels far more mainstream than any of the shorts I’ve written and it’s in the same wheel house as lots of the books I read especially Dan Slott’s Mighty Avengers and Paul Cornell’s  Captain Britain and MI-13.    Reading those gave me the confidence to ramp up the action to a level I haven’t before while at the same time letting the characters breathe and putting some humour in.  It’s a very “me” book and a real shift in tone, it just took me a long time to write so unapologetically.    Another Marvel writer, and fellow Pearl Jam fan, Rob Williams really helped me when the idea was still sketchy and the characters were underdeveloped giving me some pointers and notes that really helped me on my way.

I really hope that the book goes down well, mainly because I’d absolutely love to revisit the world and the characters especially as it would mean working with Luciano and Yel again.  Here’s a little taster, can’t wait for it to come out so I can find out what people think.  I’ll let you know more when we’re ready to solicit.

Coming very soon