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Month: March, 2011

Another Interactives pin up

The second pin up for The Interactives trade comes courtesy of fellow Cardiff Comic Creator member and 10thology contributor Terry Cooper. I love his take on this member of The Interactives team.

As well as being a talented artist Terry is also the author of critically acclaimed sci fi comedy Kangazang!, available now in print and as an audio book read by the sixth Doctor himself  Colin Baker.   It’s well worth checking out.


The Interactives Pin Ups

I have an extremely talented group of artists working on pin ups for the release of The Interactives in July.  And I’ll be posting them here as they hit my inbox.  First up Scallywag as painted by Azim Akberali.

Busy, busy, busy

Lot on my collective comics plate right now so there may be less blogging than has been the norm in 2011.    I’m spending this week rewriting “The Interactives” ready for lettering, moving some dialogue sections around and losing others.    I’ll also be working out what else will be in the trade paperback, looks like being a return to Seniors with Azim Akberali and some interactives pin ups from other artists too.

Once that is sorted I’ll be working on a Dinosaur v Robot story for Lee Grice, reworking Bloodstain 1 & 2 for release as a one-shot then getting into the Fallen Heroes Napoleon Stone spin off (can’t wait!).    Then I’ll be starting the marketing push for “The Interactives” and finding time to work with Paul Burke on his transmedia project.   All that and moving back to Cardiff and occasionally having the odd few minutes sleep.