Interactives Collaborators #1 – Luciano Vecchio

by thatrogersguy

As The Interactives nears completion I thought I’d use this opportunity to showcase the very talented people working on the book with me.

Argentinian artist Luciano Vecchio is pencilling and inking The Interactives and he’s become my George Perez on this project as I’ve tried to squeeze more action and more characters onto every page as we’ve progressed.   Working with him has been an absolute pleasure, he’s taken my script and made it something far better than I could have imagined.  Whenever I see a page land in my inbox it really does make my day without exception.

His characterisation is perfect and his page composition is dynamic but the thing I like most about his pages is the acting.  I get a sense of what every character is thinking and feeling on every single page, from main characters to incidental people in the background.    I’m really pleased I’ve had this opportunity to work with him as I predict very big things for him in the not too distant future.

Luciano’s previous work includes Sentinels (Drumfish Productions) and Cruel Thing (Heavy Metal).  He was a Zuda Comics finalist in late 2009 for Unseen Tribes and he has been working with DC drawing Ben 10 for Cartoon Network Action Pack 57 (as seen below).

Luciano Vecchio's work on Ben 10