Interactives Collaborators #2 – Yel Zamor

by thatrogersguy

As a reader quite often the colouring on a book can really make or break it for me.    I’ve seen great stories ruined by muddy colours and lesser ones elevated thanks to crisp, clean use of colour that suits the mood and tone.

I’d wanted to work with Yel for some time having been wowed by work she’d done on other projects for us at Orang Utan Comics and also seeing her colouring big two pages as samples on her deviantart page.  Yel’s based in London now but her Latvian and Russian roots do come through in some of the fantasy characters we’ve used.

She’s been the perfect collaborator for this book because as well as having an amazing eye  she’s also as invested in the characters and their adventures as I am.  The input I’ve had on the story from her, as well as Luciano, has made the project even more interesting to work on.  I love it when she tells me the team are acting out of character in a scene and quotes my own dialogue back to me as reference!  She’s also a great sounding board especially whenever I’m caught in a downward spiral of self doubt too.

And when it comes to her colouring itself I love her use of light, her colour choices and the extra little things she adds that you’d never have thought of but wish you had.  I’ve watched her colouring get better and better as we’ve worked together and she’s definitely one to watch.

Yel’s other work includes graphic novel Hero 9-5, with Ian Sharman and David Gray which is also available from Markosia (if you haven’t read it make sure you do, it’s really very good).

Yels work on Hero 9 to 5