Interactives Collaborators #3 – Ian Sharman

by thatrogersguy

Ian is very much the UK comics renaissance man, I met him on message boards in 2006 and we’ve been friends ever since.   We met in person at the Bristol Comic Expo that year right at the time I was hatching a plan to put our some of my stories under the Orang Utan Comics banner I’d created.  The rest, as they say is history, 5 years later Ian is the driving force behind Orang Utan Comics as well as being Group Editor for Markosia.

Ian’s coloured comics, inked comics, lettered them, done pre press, designed logos and edited them and in the last few years really flexed his muscles as a writer with Alpha Gods (which he’s sold the movie rights to) and especially Hero 9 to 5 ( A book I wish I’d written).   The scary thing is he’s really good at all those things and I think a lot of people felt that inking would be where he’d get his big break but it looks like it’ll be writing, which is definitely his passion.

Having Ian on board as letterer and editor is perfect, it’s the culmination of 5 years pushing each other’s writing and keeping each other going.  His lettering is subtle when it needs to be and packs a punch when required too.   His encouragement and belief in me and this project have kept it going over the last 2 years.

Ians work on Alpha Gods