Three is the magic number

by thatrogersguy

It’s been an interesting year in the world of UK comic conventions, with notable  additions and omissions to the calendar for 2011.  We’ve had the added goodness that was Cardiff International Comic Expo and  Millarfest Kapow! Comic Con.  And the sad news that Hi-Ex won’t be happening this year and that Brumcon  BICS is not going ahead either, well until it morphed into Birmingham Comic Con that is.

And 2011 has also sparked a change in my own convention plans.  When I was on the other side of the table I only used to do one convention a year, namely Bristol.  Over the years as Orang Utan Comics started to take off I’ve added a second con appearance to my schedule, initially Birmingham and for the past two years London MCM Expo in October (The May one being too close to Bristol).

This year Cardiff was my second convention back in February which left a gaping hole in my comics and in turn social calendar.   With “The Interactives” due out in a few months it was more important than ever that this wasn’t the case.  If I could afford it I’d be at all the conventions, but realistically I can only make it to one more.    And the 1 in 2011 is going to be Thought Bubble.  For lots of reasons it was the obvious choice.  It’s in Leeds, probably the only major UK city I’ve never visited, it’s oop North so I’ll get to see people who don’t make it to the other cons I attend, it’s in November so I can pay myself back with Christmas money, and most importantly it’s the con that everyone keeps telling me I should go to that I’ve never been to before.

Looks like my new convention mantra will be Cardiff + Bristol + 1 and I quite like the idea of rotating that third convention.  So now I have an old favourite to look forward to and something totally new, so if you’re going to Bristol or Leeds I’ll see you there.  Right then I’m off to buy a scratchcard in the hope of adding at least one US con to the mix, wish me luck.