Interactives update

by thatrogersguy

It’s been a really busy week in the world of The Interactives this week.   New pages have been coming in thick and fast and there are three pencilled and inked pages to go, and 5 left to colour.  I’ve been working on a pre-lettering rewrite today and I’m about 40 pages in, mostly reducing dialogue to give the fabulous art room to breathe.

I’ve also received two more pin ups as well, one from Lee Grice, artist on books such as Sugar Glider Stories and co-host of the Small Press Big Mouth podcast and the other from Dave Clifford, one half of Bearded Skull Comics the team behind Dexter’s Half Dozen.  Sadly I can’t share them here as they reveal characters and situations that don’t become apparent until quite a way into the story.

The third bit of news is a change to the release date for the direct market and you may have noticed we weren’t in the May edition of Previews.  We will now be in the June edition and hitting comic store and book shop shelves in August,  and of course I’ll be posting the Diamond Previews code as soon as I have it.

Get ready for some Inter action.....