Bristol, two panels and a special guest?

by thatrogersguy

So there’s only a week to go until Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo.  Bristol nearly here

I’ll be there as part of Orang Utan Comics and also Marksoia (my publisher on The Interactives).   It’s also been confirmed that I’ll be on two panels over at the Mercure Hotel as part of the Independent, Small Press & Manga side of proceedings.

Saturday – 2 pm – Panel Room 2 (orange room)
Swinging With The Orang Utans  

The Orang Utan Comics team discuss the joys of indie and small press publishing in the UK, and talk about their plans, including the latest news on the Alpha Gods movie, and the many projects the team have in the works, both with and without OUC.  (Me, Ian Sharman and David Wynne)

Sunday – 4pm (TBC)

Small Press, Big Ideas

With the falling cost of producing comics and the rise of the internet as a tool for marketing and distributing them, it’s becoming more and more viable for creators to publish mainstream, commercially viable comics by themselves. These books share little in common with the more artistically driven labours-of-love that are traditionally associated with the small press so is it right that they are all classed under the same banner? We will examine whether there is a difference between a true small press book and a mainstream book that is printed in small numbers. Is it damaging creators and limiting ambition by creating an artificial underclass of comics? Is it time for up and coming creators to abandon the term ‘small press’ and just make comics? (Me, Dan Thompson, Richmond Clements, Steve Penfold, Cy Dethan, Nic Wilkinson – meaning the writers of all 4 Fallen Heroes spin off comics will be on one panel)

And if the planets align there’ll also be a very special guest joining me there too.  Watch this space.