“The Interactives” creative team descends on Bristol

by thatrogersguy

Until 6 days ago I thought that most of The Interactives creative team would be attending Bristol, but I can now confirm that we will all be there.

Not only will colourist Yel Zamor and letterer/designer/editor Ian Sharman be in attendance but we will also be joined by artist Luciano Vecchio. Fresh from completing the final pages he is flying nearly  7,000 miles from Argentina to make his first UK convention appearance, I can’t wait to show him St Nicholas Market as it  plays a pivotal role in the book.  Luciano, who has also been working on Ben 10 for DC Comics’ Cartoon Network Action Pack, will be sketching across the weekend too.

It could easily become one great big The Interactives love fest this weekend as most of the pin up artists will also be there along with Rob Williams (Clas$$war, Ghost Rider, Low Life) who is writing the foreword for the book.   The only things that could possibly have made this better would have been if the book was on sale this weekend or if back up artist Azim Akberali had made it over from Tanzania.

Life is imitating art in a way because the main characters in the book know each other online but haven’t met in person. But I’m hoping we all end up in the Ramada bar on Saturday night rather than in a field  fighting off dragons.

Interactives artist

The Interactives team is complete