What’s occurring?

by thatrogersguy

Excuse the lack of blog post Bristol, I had a bit of time off to recharge the batteries but  there’s still been plenty going on comics wise.

It’s great to see The Interactives in Previews, makes it all seem real at last.  If you want to check it out you will find it in the June edition on page 216 . And now that we’re days from the lettering being complete  I’ve been hard at work sorting out some interviews to help launch the book.  Also plotting and scheming on the convention front as well, more on that very soon hopefully.

Next up for me I’ll be diving back into the world of Unseen Shadows returning to the script for the one shot spin off comic  – Naploeon
Stone & the Fragments of fate. Having met the other spin off writers in Bristol  the pressure’s on to do the universe and characters
justice.  Fingers crossed I can pull it off, having seen Roy Huteson-Stewart’s initial sketches I know he can.

Once that script is approved and in production I have two projects with Simon Wyatt that we are planning to return to.  One 10 page story
for the second 10thology book from Fat Boy Comics and the other a long form return to viking tale Valhalla  for our own Orang Utan Comics.  And I have a number of  graphic novel ideas I’ve had on the back burner that I’m very keen to revisit.   So all in all plenty to be getting on with between now and The Interactives 2!


A return to Valhalla on the horizon