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Month: June, 2011

The Interactives promo

Many thanks to my friend Al Wynn for teaching me some basic editing so I could make a start and this and for adding some of his usual magic to make it even better in the end.  I wish the book was out tomorrow even more now.


Pre-order The Interactives

If you are planning to pick up The Interactives from your local comic shop, make sure they pre-order before the deadline for August books.

The deadline is this Saturday the 18th June and the book will be out in August. The code they’ll need is JUN11 0783.

June Previews

Sidekickcast Interactives interview

My first interview about The Interactives is part of Episode 55 of the Sidekickcast podcast, which you can download here.

I caught up with Gavin and Dan in the pub to give them the lowdown on the book. Gavin was the first person not involved with the book to read the first 2 issues, so it was great to hear his thoughts too. Parental advisory, NSFW etc. It’s about 58 minutes in.

It’s been an interesting week with Comic List and Down the Tubes covering the book along with Comic Bits Online. And I’ve been hard at work on Napoleon Stone and the Fragments of Fate writing the final 7 pages tonight.

Episode 55

The interactives covered by Comic Bits Online

Good to see The Interactives getting some online coverage courtesy of Comic bits online.

It features the first quote from Rob Williams in advance of his foreword for the book. “For those missing Captain Britain And MI:13, don’t fret, your new favourite British superteam are here.” – Rob Williams (Ghost Rider, Low Life).

Bursting from the Unseen Shadows

This week I’ve been working hard on the script for Napoleon Stone and the Fragments of Fate, part of Unseen Shadows – Tales of the Fallen.     It’s really exciting and nerve wracking to be working in the Unseen Shadows Universe created by author Barry Nugent and seen first in his extremely popular novel Fallen Heroes.  Working on the character most associated with the book, he appears on the cover after all, feels as daunting as writing Spider-Man with Stan Lee editing!   But I got my first feedback from Barry this week on a loose initial version of the script and thankfully it was very positive.     I breathed an enormous sigh of relief and I can’t wait to get it fully finished so that artist Roy Huteson Stewart can start bringing it to life.

The Unseen Shadows Universe is growing all the time and it’s becoming a really collaborative creative hub of many of the most exciting names in the UK indie comics scene (and me).    Tonight Steve Penfold the artist on the Fallen Heroes adaptation and The Reverend: Wrath of God one- shot surprised Barry with some new character posters for Tales of the Fallen.  That look great and you can see them all here.

Keep an eye out for more news on both the digital and physical releases for the book in the coming months, it’s going to be one helluva ride.

Napoleon Stone and the Fragments of Fate

Coming very soon....

The Interactives preview

To whet your appetite for its release in August you can now read the first 15 pages of The Interactives here.  Hope you enjoy it, be good to hear what you think.

Order yours today

Swinging with the Orang Utans (Podcast)

The Orang Utan Comics panel at last month’s Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo was hosted by Comic Book Outsiders host Scott Grandison.  Although we had a relatively low turn out compared to previous years Scott did a great job of holding the whole thing together.  And you can listen to the whole thing here.

Get to hear me, David “Yoko” Wynne and Ian “Yes” Sharman talk about the future of Orang Utan Comics including an imminent relaunch for anthology FTL.   Apart from talking too fast I don’t come across too bad.