Radio Free Europe or Radio GaGa?

by thatrogersguy

I’m doing a radio interview about “The Interactives” on BCfm (Community radio for Bristol) tomorrow afternoon on The Movies and Music show.    The show is from 12-2 and I’ll be being interviewed at around 12.20 if you want to have a listen, if you’re in Bristol it’s on 93.2FM  or listen live online here. Very grateful to the show’s host Mark Le-Leivre , who’s been a big supporter of Orang Utan Comics and Markosia over the years, for having me on.

I’m sure we’ll be talking about lead character scallywag’s shop “Killed the Cat” as it is located in St.Nicholas Market in Bristol.  If you want to find out what goes on in the store, simply follow scallywag on twitter.

The Interactives featuring St Nicholas Market