Pushing forward back

by thatrogersguy

While reviewing my site stats last week I noticed that a few visitors to the site had been reading my first post from back in January 2009.   Having re-read it myself it I thought it might be time to review the projects I listed as being in various stages of development back then.  As it turned out the idea for The Interactives arrived in my head in the Summer of that year and took over all my creative energies and leapfrogged its way to the top of my to do list.  It also got me thinking about what I should be working on next.

So here are the mini series I mentioned back then:

Forgotten Planet – sci fi with artist Azim Akberali.  (Whole thing plotted, Issue 1 scripted and the first 6 pages painted ready to pitch and a number of publishers interested.  The power rationing in Tanzania has meant Azim has been unable to work on anything outside covers and pin ups for some time.  I’d  really love to get this back off the ground.)

Slam Ridley – sci fi with co-creator Ian Sharman and artist Craig Yeung.  (Slam Ridley, which Ian plotted has been something we’ve worked on since about 2007.  Craig is no longer attached and I still think we’ll get it back on track one of these days.  Although Ian’s writing is at the point where he probably doesn’t need me any more.)

Valhalla – viking tale with artist Simon Wyatt.  (A standalone short story set in the Valhalla Universe appeared in FTL, we have plans for a longer story building from this.  Although Simon looks to be booked up for the rest of the year.)

5th Outlaw – modern day Western with artist J.C Grande. (The intro to this story with Megan Cittadino’s colours appeared in an issue of FTL, it’s one of those stories that I can’t quite get back into.  The plot needs a pretty big overhaul. (I was experimenting with following the exact Campbell Mythology structure via Vogler’s The Writer’s Journey at the time)  Be good to return to this at some point.)

Fifteen Minute Heroes – superheroes, artist TBA.  ( I initially plotted this for the Shadowline Who wants to create a superheroine competition and didn’t make it through sadly.  All three issues are written, I’d need to dust them off and give them a spit and polish and then start looking for an artist.)

Night Shift – superheroes, artist TBA. (This was such a high concept idea that I didn’t end up taking it any further.  Looking at it now there’s enough for a short and not much else, that might be what I do with it next)

I’ve also got some other min series/graphic novel ideas that were scripted a long time ago and haven’t been developed further such as  sci fi books Viva Las Venus and Directive 16 (with artist Tom Walsh).  Then there’s thriller Footsteps, which won me the 2004 Writer’s Pitching Session at Bristol and was the book I found Azim Akberali for.   It’s a story I loved at the time but I’ve found hard to write since being a parent because of the subject matter, again something I’d like to work on again.

Since that first post I’ve written a few other shorts, Show & Tell and The Eve should both be appearing in FTL before the year is out.   I was meant to be co-writing the story that became Zuda winner Sidewise with Dwight L McPherson, I couldn’t maintain the schedule back then and I’ve been kicking myself ever since.   Right now I’m batting ideas back and forth with Chris Lynch which could lead to us writing something together too and there’s My Monster Book that SI Wyatt and I have up our sleeves too.  And I need to pull something together for 10thology 2 as well.

There certainly isn’t a shortage of ideas, I just need to grab one of them by the throat and spend a good few months shaking it into submission. And then there’s always The Interactives 2 which is already taking shape.  So just like I said 30 months ago watch this space.