Flashback – Eye of the Storm

by thatrogersguy

Having decided to look back on some of my previous work it made sense to start with the very first story of mine that saw print, Eye of the Storm.  It’s also the story that’s been printed the most, having appeared in three separate anthologies over the years.    Initially the story came out in Dimestore Productions Mysterious Visions Anthology #1 in October 2006, and then later after we launched Orang Utan Comics in Eleventh Hour 2 in 07 and in Eleventh Hour Vol 1 trade paperback from Markosia in 08.  The story was a collaboration with Tanzanian artist Azim Akberali, who I have worked with on a number of projects since.  It was originally created for another anthology which if my memory serves me correctly was called Gorilla Tactics.  This was at the time when I was pitching to small press anthologies left right and centre to get my work out there.

The story is set in the Vietnam war and follows a group of soldiers who are being picked off one by one by an unseen foe.  (Azim and I are both big fans of Predator, which definitely served as an inspiration).  In the grand tradition of 2000AD’s Future Shocks as well as the impending horror that the story built there was also a definite sting in the tail.    Thanks to Azim’s gorgeous greyscale art the atmosphere I was going for is there from the very first panel, and it’s a story I look back on with a real sense of pride.

Here’s what some of the reviewers had to say about it:

One of the better EC-style stories in there is also by their hands. ‘Eye of the Storm’ is drawn by Akberali with pencils and ink and sets a great mood for this Vietnam tale with a mystical twist. It has good character work from writer and artist alike and the short format serves the story well.” (Broken Frontier) 

Azim Akberali’s artwork reminds me all the way through of Alex Ross. Peter Rogers plot is decent and a nice twist ending ties it up nicely.(Cornish Sci-Fi Supplement)