Flashback – Brothers in Arms

by thatrogersguy

Two page story Brothers in Arms appeared in Eleventh Hour #1 drawn by Scottish artist Tom Walsh.  This wasn’t the first story I’d worked on with Tom,  but it was the first that saw print.  Previously we’d been developing two mini series, Grungehead (the trials and tribulations of a pub covers band) and Directive 16 (a sci fi team book pitched somewhere between Time Cop and I, Robot).

The short was my second attempt at pitching to End is Nigh, the official magazine of the Apocalypse. I was recommended to editor Michael Molcher (now PR bot For 2000AD) by mutual friend Si Spurrier (FX: namedrop clang).  Sadly Brothers in Arms didn’t find its way into #2 War, although my Dad did have some of his work in there (long story for another day).   It was still a story we were proud of so we decided to put in our first self published book at Orang Utan Comics.    And a few years after its initial release it found a new home, reprinted with fresh inks and letters in New British Comics #1 in English and also Polish.

It’s still one of my favourite stories for a number of reasons.  It meant something Tom and I worked on was being read finally and the British setting, tone and feel were far removed from my other work at that time.  The two page restriction meant I needed to completely compress my storytelling and its all the better for it.

A very British short