Stunning new cover for The Interactives digital release

by thatrogersguy

It’s only one short week until The Interactives will be available in print and things are moving ahead for the digital release too.  The final piece in that part of the jigsaw arrived in my inbox a few days ago, the cover to Issue 2.

Ever since I started working with Luciano Vecchio and Yel Zamoron the book I knew that I had assembled a very special art team. My intention was always to create a book that held its own visually when compared to anything else on the shelf from any other publisher.  I think that we’ve most definitely achieved that aim.  As Sugar Glider creator and North East Geekfeast podcaster Daniel Clifford put it “One of the best looking, if not THE best, British indie books I’ve seen.”

For me this cover sums up the talent and commitment they’ve both put into the project, there are almost 50 individual characters on show here.  As a writer I never cease to be anything other than humbled when my thoughts and words are brought to life in such spectacular fashion.

Feast your eyes is an overused phrased but it’s the right one here.  Because for this cover you’re going to need to loosen your belt and take it easy on the sofa for the next few hours because Christmas has come early.

Issue 2

The Interactives Issue 2