Broken Frontier review The Interactives

by thatrogersguy

I always get the same feeling when I see that someone has reviewed my work, a heady mixture of excitement and total dread. When I saw that Andy Oliver of Broken Frontier had put his review of The Interactives live it was no different. So when I read it and saw how positive he was about the book I was over the moon. As he made comparisons to both ’70s Captain Britain and Paul Cornell‘s Captain Britain and MI-13 really put a smile on my face. Paul’s run on that book and the Wisdom mini that came before it certainly helped me in my decision to set the book in the UK.

I was really pleased to see that he was impressed with the art of the book too, as I’ve always said both Luciano and Yel are destined for very big things.

“On the artistic front, Luciano Vecchio’s visuals gorgeously bring to life the mythical overtones of Rogers’ storytelling. Dragons over London will never look as evocative as they do here, and Yel Zamor’s vibrant, joyful colours are a perfect match to Vecchio’s layouts. “

And as someone who wanted to make a book that my 12 year old nephew would enjoy (he really does incidentally) the final part of the review really hit the nail on the head for me.

The Interactives is an OGN that, dare I say it, is the perfect entry point to comics for teen readers. At a time when so many of the superhero offerings of the Big Two have either forgotten who the primary audience for superhero books used to be, or are knowingly pandering to the comfort reading routines of middle-aged men, we need far more material like this. The Interactives is trying to be neither overly sophisticated nor sniggeringly self-mocking. It’s simply a rollicking good piece of old school escapist fantasy that sweeps the reader up in both its good-natured enthusiasm and Rogers’ engaging character play.

You can read all that Andy had to say here .