Interviews include Amanda Conner, Peter Rogers and Mike Mignola.

by thatrogersguy

It’s not every day your name is featured alongside such luminaries as Amanda Conner and Mike Mignola, but that’s exactly how Sequential Tart announced their August interview schedule.   My chat with them hasn’t gone live yet but you can check out their 9/10 review of The Interactives here.  It’s overflowing with spoilers, so I’d only suggest giving it a look if you’ve already read the book.

Mighty Mignola

I get to rub cyber shoulders with some more big names in the coming days over on Broken Frontier as well.  Their Brits on Top event includes a brilliant feature called Comic Cuts: Brit Creators Reminisice!  Check out Part 1 here, it features Mike Carey, Shaky Kane, Gary Northfield and Tony Lee.  My nostalgic look back at a UK comic title of my youth (Interactives readers might be able to work out which one) will be joining them very  shortly.

Brits on Top

You can be sure that I’ll post links as soon as the Sequential Tart interview and Broken Frontier articles go live.