Interactives interviews

by thatrogersguy

Two more of the interviews I’ve done recently about The Interactives are now available.   The first was with Sequential Tart who gave the book a 9/10 rating in their pre launch review (a quote from the review also features on the book’s back cover).  Editor Sheena McNeil asked me some interesting questions about the book and my background in comics and you can find out what I had to say here.

The second interview was with long time supporters and all round good guys Scott and Steve from Comic Book Outsiders. Hear what we talked about by downloading the podcast here or through iTunes (you can also purchase their app).  As a long time listener and occasional guest host on the show it was a real honour to be asked to talk about

the book with them.   I was very pleased to hear that they both enjoyed it, and I’ve already been getting some positive feedback from their regular listeners.