Creating comics at Cyfle

by thatrogersguy

This morning I got to be a guest tutor for Cyfle on their Transmedia Methods course talking about Creating Comics.  It was great to have the opportunity to combine my previous teacher training with my experience writing comics.

We spent much of the two hour session looking at pacing and page construction using examples from books like Powers, Fell, 100 Bullets, All Star Superman, Shadow of the Bat, World of Warcraft, The Walking Dead and Tom Strong along with my own work in the Unseen Shadows universe and on The Interactives.

I recommended books like Understanding Comics by Scott McLoud, Panel One, Powers: script book and the Queen and Country script book.  We also looked at the relationship between comics and  film, tv, gaming and music (using Melissa Auf Der Maur‘s Out of our minds as an example).  We discussed the role of digital as well as how to assemble a team to work on your book, where to look, what to consider, how best to collaborate etc.  I even managed to sneak in a Pop Will Eat Itself lyric and a pun based around an Olivia Newton John song into the  presentation along the way too.  And if ever there had been a drinking game for mentioning Brian Michael Bendis my liver would have completely failed by now.

I set two exercises during the class, one on page layout and the other on character creation and I was extremely impressed by what all three groups came up with.  We ended the session by setting a writing brief and I’m looking forward to seeing the 5 page stories that I’ll be providing feedback on in the coming weeks.  All in all a throughly enjoyable morning and something I would be very keen to do again in the future.