My week in comics

by thatrogersguy

This week if you’ve visited the Comics Bulletin website you will have seen The Interactives getting a lot of coverage, which I’m really pleased about.   They reviewed the book and gave it a very respectable 3/12 silver bullets out of 5 describing the book as “a thoroughly satisfying comic book” commenting “I loved Luciano Vecchio’s artwork on the book.”.

I was especially excited about the interview they conducted with me, it was great to get some different questions from the norm and they really wanted to get under the surface to talk about the influences and motivations behind the story.  I think it might be the best interview I’ve done yet.  A big thank you to Jason Sacks for this.

I’ve also been getting some positive feedback from the session I did at Cyfle  last week, I set the comic writing brief this week and I’m itching to read the 5  page shorts the students will be writing.   One of them let me know on twitter that they’d bought a copy of Comic Book Tattoo after hearing me talk about it on the course, I’m pleased to be helping people discover more books.  

I’ve also been talking about Cardiff Comic Expo 2012 with organiser Mike Allwood and fellow creators and close friends Simon Wyatt and Chris Lynch.  All I can say is roll on February.  With so much going on I’m well over due a return to the writing saddle, it’s very much a case of watch this space.