Through younger eyes.

by thatrogersguy

Prompted by a recent Word Balloon interview with Tom Katers and the reaction to the DCnU relaunch I’ve decided to give someone with a slightly fresher view of comics an airing.  Introducing my 12 year old nephew, Matthew: 



Hello, everybody! It’s Matt! Apparently, my Uncle has left the rest of this post in my “capable” hands. I will be guest writing on this blog occasionally, doing reviews and other relevant comic stuff.  I’ve been into comics since I could read and my first comic was the Beano but to be honest I’ve grown apart from it now and moved on to much bigger things.  Although I still have an infinitely large stack of them in my room.  Also I’m into the Simpsons (I still collect the comics and have the 100th issue and I really want to get issue 1 from eBay) and I am currently reading the Spider-Man 2099 series.  I also like the Scott Pilgrim series, I got into it after watching the movie and now have all 6 books digitally and also in book form too.

My hobbies include reading comics (as if you didn’t know!), playing video games (especially games made by Valve) and sleeping. I also play Minecraft, Assassin’s Creed and Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions.  I’d rather read and play the PS3 than watch TV, but when I do I usually watch The Simpsons, Futurama and Doctor Who.  I’m also on Facebook (*prepares for tidal wave of Friend requests and pokes*) so if anyone wants to see any updates, go there. Anyway best be off Sonic the hedgehog 2 is calling on my iPod Touch.