Fragments of Fate preview pages

by thatrogersguy

February seems like a lifetime ago, but it was back at the start of the year that my involvement with Unseen Shadows was announced.   It was at the Cardiff Comic Expo that creator Barry Nugent made it public that I would be joining the likes of Cy Dethan (Cancertown, Indifference Engine, Slaughterman’s Creed) as one of the creators of the Tales of the Fallen.    Tales of the Fallen is the comic book anthology prequel spinning out of Fallen Heroes, already being adapted in comic form itself, the excellent adventure novel that launched the Unseen Shadows trilogy.

As someone who absolutely loved the novel, it was great to get the opportunity to work within the World and to utilise the characters I’d grown to love.    I was really pleased that Barry agreed I could write about Napoleon Stone and Vincent Marconi as along with The Reverend they were my favourite characters in the book.   With Roy Huteson Stewart on pencils and inks and Paul McLaren lettering we’ve shaped a tale that I’m very proud of, a slice of pulp with a dark edge.

The story will be released digitally very soon and the  anthology  will be available at Thought Bubble in Leeds next month.    We’ll have most of the ever growing creative team all in one place, so I’m sure a few pints will be raised to celebrate.  Here’s a sneak preview of the cover courtesy of Valia Kapadai and the first 5 pages – enjoy.