Thought Bubble – reasons to be cheerful

by thatrogersguy

In just over a month’s time I’ll be journeying to Leeds to attend Thought Bubble for the first time.    There are lots of reasons why I’m looking forward to attending the convention, not least being the fact that I haven’t been before and I always hear good things about it. The guestlist for the show looks very impressive and lots of friends old and new will be in attendance too.

Thought Bubble will also be the first convention that I’ve personally attended where there  will be copies of The Interactives for sale (both from me at the Orang Utan Comics stand and through the publisher Markosia).  If you’d like me to reserve a signed copy from me get in touch and let me know.

Barry Nugent’s Unseen Shadows Universe, as seen in his acclaimed novel Fallen Heroes, gets the prequel treatment with the launch of comic book anthology Tales of the Fallen.  Featuring a who’s who of the British comics indie scene, as well as a story by yours truly.   You can pre-order your copy here  which means you qualify for a discounted price of £8.50 as well as a free digital version to go with your signed copy.   And it will be signed by many of the creative team that has been working with Barry on expanding the universe who will be at the event in November.

I’m sure there are more reasons that I haven’t thought of, but I am most definitely counting the days until my third UK con of the year.