Thought Bubble pimpage #1 – The Interactives

by thatrogersguy

So there are only two days until I’ll be jumping on the train to Leeds for my first ever appearance at Thought Bubble. And one of the things I’ll be packing in my case will be copies of my first graphic novel The Interactives, which came out in August from Markosia.

You know all those online friends you have? The ones who play MMOROGs and have screen names like Scallywag and King of All I Survey and James_Lake (that one you always make fun of, for not having an imagination for his screen name)? What if you actually met those friends and you all had mystic powers — and, even more, that you were called upon to save your home country from an invasion of mythical creatures?  Wouldn’t that be weird and awesome and kind of scary for the world at the same time? Wouldn’t it be the most fun and terrifying thing that ever happened to you?  That’s the premise of Peter Roger’s wonderful new graphic novel The Interactives from AAM/Markosia. I had so much fun reading this comic. It really delivered everything that I hoped to read from a comic like this — humor, excitement, dragons and trolls, some great call-outs to geek culture, and some wonderfully fun artwork. (Comics Bulletin)

If you’re heading to what is fast becoming one of the highlights of the UK comic convention circuit  (check out the guest list if you don’t believe me), it’s your chance to pick up a copy if you haven’t already.    As well as the main story, pencilled and inked by Luciano Vecchio and coloured by Yel Zamor, there’s also a back up story Seniors painted by long time collaborator Azim Akberali.

It will be on sale with Markosia at tables 98-99 in Saviles Hall  and I’ll be selling and signing copies  on the Orang Utan Comics tables 47-48 in Saviles Hall all day Saturday and Sunday am (sporting a Movember moustache).   Editor and letterer Ian Sharman (Hero 9-5) will also be there and Rob Williams (Ghost Rider, Daken) who wrote the foreword, is also going to be in attendance at the show.  So if you’ve already bought a copy please stop by anyway, as I’d love to know what you thought.

The Interactives is an OGN that, dare I say it, is the perfect entry point to comics for teen readers. At a time when so many of the superhero offerings of the Big Two have either forgotten who the primary audience for superhero books used to be, or are knowingly pandering to the comfort reading routines of middle-aged men, we need far more material like this. The Interactives is trying to be neither overly sophisticated nor sniggeringly self-mocking. It’s simply a rollicking good piece of old school escapist fantasy that sweeps the reader up in both its good-natured enthusiasm and Rogers’ engaging character play. (Broken Frontier)