Thought Bubble pimpage #2 – Tales of the Fallen

by thatrogersguy

Jonathan Ross, or Wossy as he is affectionately known to his 1.4 million followers on twitter,  is one of the biggest names on British television.   But long before he wrote Turf (his first comic book series from Image), before his current chat show on ITV, its previous incarnation on the Beeb, before Penn & Teller, Radio 2, Sachsgate, The British Comedy Awards, They think it’s all over and more besides he was one of my first TV heroes.  Thanks to The Last Resort and One Hour with Jonathan Ross (no Vic and Bob or The Fast Show without it) but mainly because of The Incredibly Strange Film show, a documentary series that validated my taste in movies.  Fast forward 20 plus years and both our names will be appearing in the same anthology.  All in all I’m rather pleased, but not just because Mr Ross has written the foreword.

‘If, like me, you like rip-roaring testosterone fuelled pulp fiction. With soldiers, and mysteries, and all round weird stuff in, then this is the book for you.’ – Jonathan Ross.

Barry Nugent and the Turf team

Fallen Heroes by Barry Nugent is the first novel I’ve read in one sitting since I was a schoolboy.   And that doesn’t mean that his cross genre adventure epic is a lightweight read, it means that even someone with my short attention span was hooked and hooked well.  The fact that I’ve now had the opportunity to write a story set in the Unseen Shadows Universe that Fallen Heroes kickstarted  has been extremely rewarding.   The fact that I got to write about Napoleon Stone, the demon stalker featured on the novel’s cover is the icing on the writing cake.   Working with Barry as my editor, with Roy Huteson Stewart on art duties and with Paul McLaren inking was a throughly enjoyable collaboration.  And this weekend you can pick up the fruit of our labours along with those of some of the biggest names in the UK indie comics scene.

  • Scripts: Cy Dethan, Richmond Clements, Dan Thompson, Pete Rogers
  • Pencils: Steve Penfold, Rob Carey, Conor Boyle, Roy Huteson Stewart
  • Colours: Gat Melvin, Vicky Stonebridge
  • Letters: Paul Mclaren, Nic Wilkinson
  • Covers: Steve Penfold, Gat Melvin,Rob Carey, Conor Boyle, Roy Huteson Stewart, Valia Kapadai

The book launches at Thought Bubble, and if you pre-order your copy you get it for the special price of £8.50 (RRP £12.99) and as well as getting a signed copy of the book you’ll also receive a free digital copy too.   You can find how to place your order here, you’ve just about got time.

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