Looking back..over my shoulder.

by thatrogersguy

I had to put together a list of my published comic work tonight, excuse the formatting (and those to come, a bit like IMDB).  Really pleased to have assembled a reasonable body of work over the past few years, and definitely ready to ramp it up with more projects.  (There are lots of exciting things in the works, and this does’t include the projects yet to find a publisher either)

Napoleon Stone                 Mini Series, Unseen Shadows Ltd                                                   2012

TBC                                 Tales of the Forgotten anthology, Unseen Shadows Ltd               2012

The Eve                             FTL Anthology, Orang Utan Comics                                               2012

Show & Tell                        FTL Anthology, Orang Utan Comics                                            2012

Fragments of Fate           Tales of the Fallen anthology, Unseen Shadows Ltd                         2011

The Interactives               Original Graphic Novel,  Markosia                                                  2011

Red Cave                       10thology, Fat Boy Comics                                                            2011

5thOutlaw                       FTL Anthology, Orang Utan Comics                                                2010

Fame: Beckham               One shot, Bluewater Productions                                                  2010

Valhalla                            FTL Anthology, Orang Utan Comics                                               2009

Seniors                          Eleventh Hour Anthology, Markosia                                                  2008

Fight Back VT                 Movie Prequel, Goliath Productions                                                 2008

Abbatoir                        Eleventh Hour Anthology, Orang Utan Comics                                   2007

Bloodstain                      Eleventh Hour Anthology, Orang Utan Comics                                  2007

Brothers in Arms             Eleventh Hour Anthology, Orang Utan Comics                                  2007

Purgatory Blues             Eleventh Hour Anthology, Orang Utan Comics                                    2007

Eye of the Storm            Mysterious Visions Anthology, Dimestore Productions                       2006

While doing the research I found some interesting things, like this recent re-run of an old Pulse article.   And an old review that which wasn’t all that favourable about my writing, wonder if they’ve ready my more recent work especially The Interactives?  Anyway, time to start making this a much, much longer list.