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Month: January, 2012

Interactives artist on DC’s Young Justice

If you’re read The Interactives then artist Luciano Vecchio will need no introduction. When I received the first test pages from him back in 2009 I was totally blown away. His character design is flawless and his storytelling and layout choices are exceptional. But the thing that made me so excited about collaborating with him on my first graphic novel was his ability to make characters act. You get a real sense of what they’re thinking and more importantly feeling in every panel on every page. For me that’s what elevates his work above his peers and also some far more established names in the comics industry.

That’s why I’m so pleased to see him getting the opportunity to showcase his talents on a larger stage now too, so that more people can appreciate quite how good he is. He’s been working on Ben 10 stories in DC Comics’ Cartoon Network Action Pack for a while now, and this month has seen him take another step on the road to sequential stardom. He’s the guest artist on Young Justice Issue 12, which came out today (following hot on the heels of Cartoon Network Action Pack 66 last Wednesday). Check out an exclusive preview here, and if you like it and want to see more of his work…well it goes without saying. So I won’t say it, as I’m off to download Young Justice instead.

Young Justice 12


Help Teenage Cancer Trust with 3hundredand65

Good to see someone using the power of social media for good and not evil, especially when there’s sequential storytelling involved.  I found out about Dave Kirkwood’s 3hundredand65 project on twitter (you can follow him @Dave_Kirkwood) and was immediately impressed.

He’s going to be joined by 365 storytellers to create 366 drawings in 366 days.  Drawings that will all join together to make one long story across 2012 raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust.   Look out for my contribution on February 4th,  and check out the site here.  Please donate to this important cause and choose a date if you’d like to make your own contribution.  You can, of course, follow the story each day on twitter –   #3hand65.

The Interactives goes digital

A few blogs ago I mentioned that my first original graphic novel The Interactives would soon be winging its way onto digital platforms.   Well I’m nothing if I’m not a man of my word.  You can now pick the book up as three single issues on both Comixology and as of today also on Graphicly.   If you haven’t read it yet, then please do pick up a digital copy (or if you already have that’s ok too) and see it in all its backlit glory.




Hyper start to 2012

It’s the first day of a New Year and Mayans notwithstanding 2012 is already looking good for my friends and collaborators.

Markosia/Orang Utan Comics‘ own Hypergirl, created by Ian Sharman and David Wynne has walked away with the Comixology award for Favourite Debut Comic Series released digitally. Beating Justice League Dark, Takio and Kirby Genesis to tie in first place with The Strange Talents of Luther Strode. Hear it being announced on the Comixology podcast here and make sure you read it to see what all the fuss is about.

And long time OUC alumni Yel Zamor hits 2012 running too with concept art in the new storyworld that is Zombies v Dinosaurs launching officially today. Looking forward to 365 more days of awesome, it is a leap year isn’t it?