Graphicly level the playing field

by thatrogersguy

Comixology may get the lion’s share of the attention when it comes to purchasing digital comics, but it’s Graphicly that’s been making the biggest waves in the last week.   They’ve introduced their own digital distribution channel, making it possible to “Upload once. Distribute Everywhere”.  At first I thought it was a quicker and easier way to utilise the graphicly platform, even without a publisher on board.  But it’s far more than that.  It’s about putting your work out there without the middle man.  And that’s why it’s been getting a lot of column inches in article’s like this, reaching far wider than the confines of the comic community. 

This is about making digital platforms accessible to creators more easily, allowing you to market your book straight to the potential audience and then track the response.  No longer just another indie book fighting for digital shelf space with far more established publishers, creators and characters in the same shop front.   All the portability and flexibility digital can offer, but on your own terms. (You can tell I’m excited about this can’t you?).

I’ve seen a number of creators scrabbling around to make sure they’re one of the first to get on board.  Hunting out old content, brushing off past projects and rejuvenating previous work.  But for me it isn’t about being first, because this is about the future not just the here and now.  A future defined by new creations, new content, new readers and new horizons.  Lots to think about.  But in the meantime…. Viva la revolution.