The Avengers – Earth’s mightiest time machine

by thatrogersguy

On at least one level I know that The Avengers movie won’t be a cinematic masterpiece, I’m gutted that Edward Norton isn’t returning to play Banner, and I still see  Iron Man 2 as a huge wasted opportunity.  But the extended Super Bowl trailer has reminded me why none of that matters.

Joss Whedon being in the director’s chair, much like Shane Black taking on Iron Man 3,  means there’s talent behind the movie that I have a long standing admiration for.  Sam Raimi helming Spider-man gave me a similar feeling, but that isn’t what has me counting the days until May 4th.    This is something different, this is something bigger, something almost of Secret Wars proportions (the book that made me aware of the rest of the non Spidey Marvel Universe).  These are the characters I’ve been reading since I was 11 assembling on the big screen.    “We have a Hulk” indeed.