Heading for Bristol and Kapow!

by thatrogersguy

Next month I’ll be in attendance at two UK conventions on consecutive weekends.  I hatched a cunning plan last weekend that meant removing the hotel and bar tab from one convention meant I could actually afford to go to another one as well.

Firstly I’ll be making my usual yearly jaunt to Bristol Comic Expo (I think I’ve only missed one since my first visit in 2001), and I’m looking forward to it being back in The Passenger Shed. I’ll be there on the Saturday May 12th, probably at the Orang Utan Comics table most of the time (although getting to the Denny O’Neill panel would be good).   I will have copies of The Interactives to sell for anyone late to that particular graphic party.


The week after that on Saturday May 19th (and the day after my birthday beer purchasers) I’ll be heading to London for Kapow!.  It’s the first time I haven’t been a guest or exhibitor at a show for about 5 years so it felt weird buying a ticket and will feel even weirder not being tied to a table (although I’m sure I’ll spend some time at the Orang Utan Comics and Markosia stands).  I’m excited that Eric Stephenson (Image Comics, Dan Didio (DC) and Joe Quesada (Marvel) will all be there.  Joe’s last con appearance (I think)  was on a Marvel panel at the first con I ever went to, in the Passenger Shed in Bristol back in 2001.  He may be stalking me.  If you’re heading to either convention I’ll probably see you there.