A quick update

by thatrogersguy

Things have been extremely busy for me for a variety of reasons lately, so I thought I’d spare a few minutes to take stock of what’s been going on on the comic front.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to make it to Bristol Comic Expo last weekend.  Apart from 2007 when I was in Ireland being my cousin’s best man I haven’t missed one since my first attendance in 2001. So it doesnt really feel like May because of it.  I will however be at Kapow! on Saturday and I’m hoping that show will scratch the same itch.   Being more of a punter at a big celeb filled London show will certainly be a different experience I think.

I found out yesterday that I didn’t win the Tavern Tales writing competition that offered the chance to have your work in an issue of Skullkickers from Image Comics. There were over 200 entires so no real surprise there.  It’s been quite some time since I entered that kind of contest, my memory goes flooding back to Icon that I wrote for a Top Cow contest.  A story that shares some similar territory to America’s got Powers, the book Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch just put out at Image.

I’ve just completed the initial 11 pages of the first issue of a new mini series that I’m working on with Steve Aryan (Mythos).  We’ve been plotting the book since about September and decided to split the first issue between us. I’ve written the first half and Steve is writing the second half, then we’ll be doing a pass on each other’s pages before we pull the whole thing together.  This is being done in parallel with the artist who is on board working on character sketches.  Once we’re happy with the first issue script we’ll be working with the artist on the first 5-10 pages ready to submit to publishers.  I’ve been writing my pages in a different way to usual, having listened to Joe Casey on The Process podcast I decided to give his technique a go.  Writing the visuals first and then doing a dialogue pass afterwards, pretty much the opposite to how I’ve written before.  I’m planning to do another blog post soon about this change and how it has been going.

I’m also working on three other treatments at the moment for creator owned projects, one of which is something very new and the other two are ones that I am revisiting from a few years ago.  I’m working with another new collaborator on some pitches for an all ages comic.  And in addition to this I am making three separate returns to the Unseen Shadows universe, more on that in a few weeks.

In amongst all that I managed to get to see Avengers Assemble, which was all in all pretty perfect. Having seen it in 2D I’m off to see it again in 3D at the IMAX tonight.