Six degrees of Wossy – it’s raining men.

by thatrogersguy

Seeing that Jonathan Ross (America’s got Powers) was writing today’s story tweet for the wonderful charity project 3 hundred and 65 (whose contributors include myself, Chris Lynch and the likes of David Baddiel, Stephen Fry, Ian Rankin and Tim Burgess to name but a few) I thought I’d repost a couple of old blogs.

The first tells you more about the writing process I went through creating my 140 character addition to the year long graphic novel to raise funds for teenage cancer (please give generously).  And the second post relates to my contribution to Tales of the Fallen, the first Unseen Shadows anthology spinning out of Barry Nugent‘s series of novels.   A book whose foreword was written by one Jonathan Ross.   And the circle of life is complete, or something.   All that’s left to do now is to arrange a wrestle with him at next year’s Kapow!