Smack my pitch up

The last few weeks have been extremely productive on the writing front, juggling lots of different projects at once seems to suit me.  It doesn’t give me anywhere near enough time to navel gaze, have a crisis of confidence and start tearing every page apart before it has time to breathe.  It does feel weird though that I haven’t had anything published in 2012, although to be honest this year has been an odd one for a number of reasons.

Since The Interactives and Fragments of Fate (my entry to the Tales of the Fallen anthology)  came out late last year it probably seems like I’ve been off the radar.  Despite having nothing new on the shelves or to download I’ve been extremely busy writing.  And it’s taken re-finding my mojo recently to remind me that this was always the plan for this year. Pitch, pitch, pitch and then pitch some more.   Take the mental step to begin a freelance writer in an if you build it they will come kind of way.  Hopefully I’ve made the right decision, I guess only time will tell.

So what exactly have I been doing?  I can’t tell you all the details but I can give you some snippets of information without specifics.  Although the eagle eyed among my twitter followers won’t need to be The World’s greatest detective to work some of it out.

1) I’ve just finished a second script set in the Unseen Shadows universe, which will appear in a future anthology.   I’ll be working with artist Conor Boyle (who worked on Operation Solomon in the first book) whose work I’ve admired for some time.

2) I’m co-writing a sci-fi mini series with Comic Book Outsiders presenter and Mythos writer Steve Aryan, a long time friend and possibly the most motivated person I’ve ever met.   The first issue is written and the whole thing is tightly plotted out.  Iranian artist Maysam Barza who I met through the Small Press Commandoes group on Facebook is currently hard at work on the pitch pages. Should be with potential publishers by the middle of August.  Having lots of fun working on this, with plenty of Skype and in person co-plotting sessions.

3) I am now represented by Scar Comics Agency and I’m really enjoying working with Shane Chebsey.  I’ve been revisiting a lot of my old ideas and his input has really helped me look at them in new ways and relight my creative fires.   I have three pages in my inbox for a sci fi graphic novel I’m working on with an artist I met on Linkedin who has DC, Marvel, IDW and Image credentials to his name.   It’s an idea that Azim Akberali was originally working on and it’s been fascinating to see the same pages drawn by a different artist.

4) I am working on 4 pitches with a writer/artist who I met on twitter. These are for two different children’s publications.  Again really enjoying collaborating with someone new and stretching some very different writing muscles.

5) I’m in the plotting stage for a short story with another artist I met on twitter and through mutual friends.  The plan for this one is to submit to a relatively new UK anthology

6) I have 2 more mini series/OGN concepts I’d like to make some progress on this year.  One is another sci-fi project and the other is an action adventure story.

7) I’m consulting/assisting a couple of friends on another three projects in an advisory/editorial capacity.

So despite the lack of anything new for people to pick up, lots going on and plenty to show in the second half of 2012 and into 2013. Oh…and a new podcast to co-host too. No rest for the wicked.