The Lament of Lady Cademus

I can now announce that my next story in Barry Nugent’s Unseen Shadows universe is entitled “The Lament of Lady Cademus“.   I have been working with artist Conor Boyle on the story, details of which were unveiled at Thought Bubble (the rather excellent Leeds based comic festival) yesterday.

Lady Mary Cademus lost both the men she loved in the First Crusade. But now eight years later one of them, her son Oliver, has returned alive. And he isn’t alone.  “So who are they? The six who ride with you, the quiet ones who have your ear.”

If you haven’t immersed yourself in the Unseen Shadows universe, an ambitious transmedia project featuring over 40 creators, I’d recommend picking up this DVD.  It contains everything from the first year of Unseen Shadows, including the Fallen Heroes novel where it all began.   And keep an eye open for updates on the Lady Cademus story in the coming months.