The year of finishing stuff

by thatrogersguy

As a writing year 2012 was all about working on pitches. I spent much of the year plotting out mini series and graphic novels, finding artists to collaborate with, writing the first 5 pages or so, getting them drawn and then packaging them up to submit them to publishers. 

Looking back on the year I got a lot done and made some really good connections with new collaborators. But, all in all it was both frustrating and unfulfilling.  That’s why I’ve decided to make 2013 The year of finishing stuff (which ties in perfectly to my completer/finisher personality type).  I’m still working on multiple pitches and preparing them for submission, but rather than stopping on the 3rd page turn, I’m planning to keep going. 

How does one get published?
How do you do it? You do it. You write. You finish what you write.

Neil Gaiman 

And there are plenty of things for me to get on with writing, as I have at least seven projects on the go at the moment.  And one book I’m editing, and another I’m consulting on to add to that list.


There’s sci fi thriller Flux, which I’ve been working on for quite a while.  Stephen Aryan is my co-writer and Maysam Barza is on art duties. We’re currently reworking the opening pages due to similarities to a recent tragedy. The whole story is very tightly plotted, and Issue 1 has been written for this one.  So we’ll soon be moving on to Issue 2.  I’m also in the very early stages of developing something else with Steve that’s very different tonally, but just as exciting. That one’s more of a straight up thriller/crime story. 

I’m working on an out and out action book, currently under the working title Tough as Steel, and inspired by an old Wolfsbane song. I’ve written the first 5 pages and drafted a basic outline, I’m currently waiting to hear back from my artist of choice.


Sci fi story Forgotten Planet was originally conceived with Azim Akberali‘s painted art style in mind.  I am now developing it with Giancarlo Caracuzzo (Gorilla Man, Jonah Hex, Random Acts of Violence) pencilling and inking, and my old friend John Charles (Marvel Heroes) colouring. This one is also fully plotted, with the initial pitch pages written.

I’m revisiting a concept I developed for Shadowline’s Who wants to create a super-heroine contest, back at the end of 2007 as well. I’m collaborating on this with artist Cheuk Po, who recently worked with me on short story Blood Dolls, soon to be seen in British Showcase from Markosia. The working title is Fifteen Minute Heroes, but that will be changing. 

Then there are three other ideas that I’m keen to revisit, two of which are space operas: Viva Las Venus and as yet unnamed project. And finally I’m looking to take a screenplay I wrote in the late 90s called Restitution Day and rework it for comics too, that one’s a Western. Once I find the right artists for these ones it will be full steam ahead. 

Plenty to be getting on with and more than anything else a whole heap of things to finish