Back to the old school

by thatrogersguy

Back in late 2007 I entered the Shadowline  Who wants to create a Super-Heroine writing contest. Much like the recent Top Cow Talent Hunt, which I also entered, the deadline was the end of the year. I can definitely remember being at my parents for Christmas and working on my idea there.  

My concept, which has gone by the name Fifteen Minute Heroes and also Auntie Sam, like around 5,000 other entries wasn’t named the winner. But, there was something about it that I really liked, even if I do say so myself. It wasn’t the high concept, or even the super heroic element, it was the human side of the story and the central characters’ relationships with one another.  I talked to a few artists about bringing the story to life, people like Carlos Gomez, Eric M Smith and Braxton Harrison.  Working with Braxton almost came to pass, but he was too busy to work on the book in the end.  That was a real shame, especially when his concept work looked this good.


I got moving on the series pretty quickly, I plotted the whole mini series, did a character bible, broke the story beats down page by page and scripted all of Issue 1 and much of Issue 2.  But, it was around this time that I started doing the same thing for the concept that eventually became The Interactives (thanks to my friend writer/artist Simon Wyatt who came up with the title). So the project got sidelined and I never felt the urge to return to it, until now.

I’ve been working with Cheuk Po on a short story called Blood Dolls, which will be appearing in the British Showcase anthology from Markosia.  Working together has been great, and we’ve both been keen to collaborate on something longer. So I sent Cheuk some of my ideas, a mixture of new and not fully fleshed out stories, and older ones like this one.  And he was interested in this super-heroine concept, so I went back and looked at it again.  Tonally, it’s along the same lines as The Interactives, and I’m surprised to say I’m still really happy with it. And I’m very excited about rewriting it and getting it moving again. Watch this space.