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Month: February, 2013

The Intergalactic Adventures of Zakk Ridley

If my memory serves me correctly it was back in 2006 that I began working on the sci fi comic book that is now Zakk Ridley.  Lots has changed since then, the titular hero is on his third name and the project has been developed with a number of different artists along the way (I’m thinking it’s seven by now). 

Ian Sharman and I met on the Visionary Comics Studio forums that year, and he approached me to take his plot and turn it into a mini series. I think it was the second mini series I ever wrote (after my own space opera Viva Las Venus), and the first time I’d ever worked from someone else’s plot.  My writing was a little rough around the edges and was perhaps a little decompressed, but I had good ideas about structure and foreshadowing that enhanced what Ian had already put to paper. 

When the book was first picked up by Markosia I remember Tony Lee, who was mentoring us both at the time, saying it was the best thing either of us had worked on.  Fast forward just over 6 years (that’s scary in itself) the book is finally taking another step towards being published.  Following the success of Alpha Gods and especially Hero 9-5, Ian was asked by Harry Markos, the Markosia publisher, to rewrite the story himself. I have the revised scripts in my inbox ready to compare and contrast.  And there’s a new artist attached in the shape of Jim Rodgers.  Here are some samples, you can expect the book to hit the stands in 2014 from Markosia. 




Hulk WIP

I’ve been a member of the Comics Experience workshop since last Summer, having originally taken a free trial through iFanboy.  One of the best things about being part of the community is the monthly writing challenges, where you are charged with creating a short script on a theme or in a certain style.

In December my monthly challenge script featured The Hulk.  Since then I’ve had some really positive feedback from other workshop members on the forum, along with former Marvel editor Nicole Boose.  Artist Rodrigo Ramos Radolfo (Grimm Fairy Tales) liked the story enough that he wanted to draw it.  It will soon be posted here complete with colours, letters and an additional page that I’m currently writing. I’m really flattered and humbled to see this drawn, I think it looks great.  Here’s a preview of page one. All characters copyright Marvel Comics.


Chimps and Nazi Zombies

So, my new imprint has a name.  Dapper Chimp Press  (I’ll be able to reveal the logo in the next few days) will be making its first public appearance at the Cardiff Comic Expo early next month.  It’s good to be launching this new venture in my home town (ok adopted home town). 

I’ll be there with Julian Burrett, the writer of our first book Chris Smith and the Nazi Zombies from Hell.  The book won’t launch until later in the year, but we’ll have some preview art and other promo stuff to share. Come and find us, pre-order Issue 1 at the show for an exclusive discount.  


Chris Smith and the Nazi Zombies from Hell

I will very shortly be in a position to announce the name of the new comic imprint that I’m launching. Before that I can announce our first title.

Chris Smith and the Nazi Zombies from Hell written by Julian Burrett (whose recent Youtube video currently stands on 5.5 million views), pencilled by Viktor Bogdanovic, inked and lettered by Ian Sharman, coloured by John Charles and edited by yours truly.

Here are Vik’s first initial sketches of our eponymous hero and female lead Tina Tandy.  We’ll have more to show at Cardiff Comic Expo next month, and are aiming to launch Issue 1 at Bristol Comic Expo in May.





More to follow, very soon. 



Bags of Action Episode 4

Episode 4 of Bags of Action is out now, and we’re talking about John Woo’s Hard Boiled. How many bags of action would you give it?

Next month we’ll be talking about Sly Stallone’s fourth outing as Rambo.


The Interactives trailer

Just been reminded about this, if you haven’t read The Interactives this trailer shows you why you should.