It’s all go and it looks great

by thatrogersguy

I’m busy working on a number of projects at the moment, which means my inbox is brimming with art on an almost daily basis. So I thought it would be rude not to share.

Firstly there’s Chris Smith and the Nazi Zombies from Hell, the first book from my Dapper Chimp Press imprint. Written by Julian Burrett, edited by yours truly, with pencils by Vik Bogdanovic (Garth Kirby), inks by Ian Sharman (Contraband), colours by John Charles (Marvel Heroes) and letters and pre-press by Ian Sharman (Dr Who). The first few pages are taking shape, and Issue 1 launches at Bristol Comic Expo in May.

Secondly there’s Flux, which I’m co-writing with Steve Aryan (Mythos) with art by Maysam Barza (FUBAR American History Z). We were all ready to submit to publishers in December when the tragic school shootings took place in the US. A hasty rewrite of the opening scenes meant that Maysam had to redo almost all of the initial 6 pages of art, thankfully it looks even better than before.

Thirdly there’s Auntie Sam (working title), originally conceived for the Shadowline Who wants to create a Super-heroine” contest in late 2007. Fast forward to now and I’m reworking the mini-series with artist Cheuk Po, my collaborator on short story Blood Dolls (soon to be seen in Markosia‘s British Showcase anthology). I’m in the process of getting feedback on Issue 1’s script from my workshop colleagues over at Comics Experience, and Cheuk has been very busy on designing the characters, costumes and look for the book.

2013_AuntieSam_sketch009cmb (1)

Fourthly and finally, at least for now, I’ll have an announcement to make very soon about Forgotten Planet. Originally conceived with Azim Akberali on art duties, things are now progressing with Giancarlo Caracuzzo (Gorilla Man, Jonah Hex, Ender’s Game). Watch this space for more progress reports on all four projects and a few more besides.

Forgotten Planet-02 proof