Dapper Chimps storm Bristol

by thatrogersguy

Last weekend my new imprint Dapper Chimp Press made its second convention appearance, and this time we were also launching our first book.  Chris Smith and the Nazi Zombies from Hell Issue 1 went down a storm at the Bristol Comic Expo, with lots of interest and plenty of sales too. 

I was joined at our table for the weekend by one of my Dapper Chimp co-founders Chris Lynch (sadly no Steve Aryan to make the trinity complete) and Nazi Zombie writer Julian Burrett.  Highlights of the weekend included catching up with Julian’s brother, Alex Burrett, writer of the fabulously titled surreal short story collection My Goat ate its own legs, getting a V for Vendetta sketch from David Lloyd and seeing David Hine purchase a copy of CSATNZFH having sought it out specifically (I’d love to know what he thought). 

You can find out more about what I thought of the show in general on Down the Tubes, where I did a “Creator’s View”.