Spinning plates

by thatrogersguy

In little over a week I’ll be jumping on a plane with my wife and daughter for a much needed break.  Before we depart, I have quite a few things to get finished on the comics front so that my creative house is in order. I could of course be getting on with completing my “To-Do list”, rather than spending time sharing it here.  Having said that, putting the list here for all to see serves as a rather good motivator.  It also gives me the chance to let people know what stage each of my current projects is at currently.

1) Chris Smith and the Nazi Zombies from Hell.  Issue 1 came out last week at the Bristol Comic Expo, and we’ve already had our first review courtesy of Geek Pride (warning, contains quite a lot of SPOILERS).  The first thing on my list was to get the book onto digital platforms. I’ve just sent it for review at Comixology Submit and I have a few more places to get it over to next. 

2) Flux.  The book I’m co-writing with Steve Aryan has turned out to have the perfect name, having been in development for a little while now. Following some similarities to real life tragedies, we rewrote Issue 1 and had the first 5 page redrawn by Maysam Barza. On the to -do list is to finish rewriting the series proposal and get it out to publishers.


3) Auntie Sam (Working Title).  My script for Issue 1 of this super-heroine series has received some very helpful critiques, from my fellow forum members on Comics Experience.  I’m using their notes to help whip up a revised draft, ready to send over to artist Cheuk Po.

4) Forgotten Planet.  This 100 page graphic novel is all plotted out, now I need to rework that plot, turn it into a page breakdown and get as much written as possible. Artist Giancarlo Caracuzzo is on standby, having completed the first few pages. 


5) Tough as Steel (working title) and Artificial Red (working title) are both quite new concepts, one has an artist tentatively attached and the other doesn’t quite yet.  Assuming the rest of the list is clear, these will my plot by the pool titles on holiday. 

6)  Steve Aryan and I are in the early stages of plotting another collaboration, which he has sent me a very interesting initial outline for.  Another one to think about while I’m away hopefully.

I think that’s it, aside from a short story script for the latest Comics Experience workshop challenge.  That involves writing a 1-10 page script based on a current non big two licensed property, I already know which universe I’ll be playing in and have the bare bones plotted in my head.  

Best get stuck into that list then, more updates to follow as things progress.