The Lament of Lady Mary

by thatrogersguy

There’s no better feeling for someone who writes comics than receiving new pages from your artist. This week’s visual feast came courtesy of Conor Boyle, who I’ve been working with on my second story for the Unseen Shadows universe, created by Barry Nugent.

Our story focuses on Lady Mary Cademus and her relationship with her son Oliver Cademus, a character those who have read Barry’s first novel Fallen Heroes will be very familiar with.

Lady Mary Cademus lost both the men she loved in the First Crusade. But now eight years later one of them, her son Oliver, has returned alive. And he isn’t alone.  “So who are they? The six who ride with you, the quiet ones who have your ear.

I’ve really enjoyed working on a period piece (written with the Game of Thrones, Robin of Sherwood and Kingdom of Heaven soundtracks for company), and Conor’s first six inked pages really bring the story to life. Here’s a first look at Page One, I can’t wait to show you more as the project progresses.