Hoff the Hook

by thatrogersguy

One of the best things about living in Cardiff, is the thriving comic community.  Myself, Chris Lynch and later Jon Rennie sought to unite the local artists and writers under the moniker Cardiff Comic Creators, back in 2007 or 2008, I think.  Through that Facebook group I’ve made many good friends, from fellow small press people to behomeths of the industry with star studded CVs.  One of our members is Simon Williams (Transformers, Spectacular Spider-Man, Incredible Hulk) and he’s been all over the news today.

I’ve been excitedly waiting for his Discotronic Funk Commandoes book to come out, and today that book became a media sensation.  Thanks to David Hasselhoff, star of Knight Rider,  Baywatch and the original screen Nick Fury, long before Samuel L Jackson. Turns out “The Hoff” ,and our own Soulman, will be at London Film and Comic Con announcing a Retro-tastic collaboration.  Wish I was going now, here’s hoping they make it to Cardiff Comic Con, or even a Cardiff Comic Creators meet up. Way to go Si! Read all about it here.