Forgotten Planet – Kickstarting our way back to Pluto

by thatrogersguy

We’re into out 6th day of the Kickstarter campaign for my latest graphic novel Forgotten Planet so I thought I’d give you a bit of an update and share what’s been going on so far.   Scar Comics are putting the book out and Shane Chebsey, my editor and co-publisher, and I have been hard at work promoting the campaign all week.   We’ve reached 60 backers and are currently standing on £1205, against a goal of £11,500.  We’re planning to share some more artwork and start revealing potential stretch goals once we hit 100 backers.

We’ve had some great support so far, and lots of really positive feedback about the concept and Giancarlo Caracuzzo’s art.  Our sci-fi action story seems to really be catching people’s imagination and there are lots of people to thank for getting us this far.  The animated trailer, which has been getting lots of attention, was created by Alex Hollowood and the two versions of the audio trailer were voiced by iFanboy and Fuzzy Typewriter host Paul Montgomery and produced by Dan Riedo.  We’ve also had some great support from some of Giancarlo’s previous collaborators such as Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Ivan Brandon and his editor on Gorilla Man at Marvel, Michael Horwitz.  Writers Si Spurrier and Rob Williams, both of whom have helped guide my writing over the years, have also been very complimentary about my writing and the project. Gavin Jones and Dan Marshall kindly let me appear on the Sidekickcast‘s most recent episode, where I talked about the book and the campaign. You can hear the 60 second version of the audio trailer here, and you can hear the Sidekickcast Episode 84 here. We’ve also been featured on sites like Broken Frontier, Down the Tubes and Sci-Fi Pulse, with more media coverage to come.

Thanks of course go to Shane for having faith in me and the idea, to Giancarlo for his superb artwork and dedication along with the book’s original artist Azim Akberali who did much of the initial design work.   It’s been a rollercoaster few days, a big learning curve and a heady mix of excitement and trepidation.  If you’ve backed the project by pre-ordering the book, have shared a Facebook link or retweeted, told friends etc, then you have my eternal gratitude.   We’re putting everything we can into the crowd funding campaign, and even more into the book itself. Here’s hoping that, with your help, our sci-fi action adventure book will make it over the line and into people’s hands.

Forgotten Planet

Forgotten Planet