Calling America – Allegiance your pledge

by thatrogersguy

I took part in an interview tonight about Forgotten Planet, the new sci-fi graphic novel I’m working on with artist Giancarlo Caracuzzo (Gorilla Man, Formic Wars, Jonah Hex) for Scar Comics.  A few of the questions related to the differences between European and American audiences.  It was really interesting to me that the fact I’m a British writer, our artist is Italian and our publisher is British was even something to consider.  So many US books have European talent on them, I’ve always considered the US and UK comic audiences as pretty interchangeable (we tend to think Saga’s rather exceptional too). But I guess things like Judge Dredd being printed by IDW rather than US readers picking up 2000AD or the Megazine disproves that theory.

Having said that, the number of backers we have for our Kickstarter campaign currently is heavily in favour (or of course favor) of this side of the pond.  The book begins in Boston, heads to Detroit, Tanzania in East Africa and a couple of other US locations before taking to the skies and returning to Pluto. So not matter what country you’re from, if you enjoy action adventure stories and sci-fi we think you’re really going to enjoy what we’ve put together.

One thing a few people have mentioned is that Kickstarter shows the campaign in the currency of the campaign creator and not your “home” currency.  So, based on today’s exchange rate at the time of typing, I’ve worked out what each reward is for US dollars. It’s easy to forget as I buy a lot of things online from the US, I’m more used to working out approximate amounts in my head when I back US projects.  Happy to do the same as this for Canada, Australia, in fact any country if you would like me to.

We’ll be adding more rewards in the next few days, possibly tweaking some of the larger value items and including some interesting opportunities for aspiring writers and artists at a lower entry point.  Don’t forget we’ll also be adding pin-ups from Chris Wildgoose (Porcelain, True Grit) and Mike Collins (Dr Who, Transformers, X-Men) and when we hit 150 backers we’ll be sharing Azim Akberali’s painted art for the Kickstarter Exclusive limited edition Dust Jacket cover. So please spread the word, 20 days to go and I haven’t admitted defeat yet.


  • The Stargazer’s Reward – You get a PDF preview of the first 24 pages of the book as soon as they are completed as well as our eternal thanks. (£1 or £1.57)
  • The Earthling’s Reward – As well as the preview you get a PDF of the full Graphic Novel as soon as the printed book is released.  (£5 or $7.87)
  • The Plutonian’s Reward – As well as the PDF you get a signed copy of the Printed Softcover of the entire Graphic Novel in glorious full colour. (£16 or more ($25.17) – Add $12.58 for International shipping.)
  • The Mercenary’s Reward – All the digital previews from previous rewards plus a signed copy of the mighty Hardback edition of the Graphic Novel, This sturdy edition will look great on your bookshelf. (£25 or $39.33 – Add $14.16 for International shipping)
  • The Area 51 Reward – Both Printed editions of the book so you have collectable edition and a reading edition, plus a special named “thank you” credit in the book acknowledging your support. (£45 or $70.79  Add for $18.88 International shipping)
  • The J Rod Reward – You get the Hardback Graphic Novel, the “thank you” credit and the Digital preview and you also get a unique signed and dedicated sketch from our acclaimed artist Giancarlo Caracuzzo. These are strictly limited! (£75 or $117.98. Add $31.46 for International Shipping)
  •  The Juneau Reward – Everything from the Area 51 Reward plus a groovy Forgotten Planet T-Shirt featuring the cover artwork and logo. Again this is a very limited. (£75 or $117.98. Add $31.46 for International Shipping)
  • The Beckett Reward – Everything from the Juneau Reward only your Hardback will be a special Limited Edition of the book, loaded with extras, including a signed Dust Jacket and 3 exclusive Art Cards featuring characters from the book This edition of the book is only available to Kickstarter supporters and will be a rare signed and numbered collector’s edition. There will only be a maximum of 100 copies printed EVER!! (£95 or $149.44. Add $47.19 for International Shipping.)
  • Retailer Reward – This one is for Retailers only (unless anyone really wants more than one copy). You get 10 signed copies of the soft cover and a free mention of your store in the book and a free listing on our website as an indy friendly retailer. We will also share a link to your website on our facebook page and give you a twitter shout out to our followers. On top of all this you get an exclusive Giant Poster to put in your window or on your wall featuring the art of Giancarlo Caracuzzo! (£100 or $157.3. Add $62.92 for International Shipping)
  • The 134340 Reward – This is a really exclusive option and limited to just 4 supporters – you get everything from the Beckett Reward plus the original Sketch featured in the J Rod Reward. This really is a bumper package of Forgotten Planet goodies. (£135 or $212.37. Add $62.92 for International Shipping)
  • The Creator’s Reward – This special bonus reward is for all the young aspiring comic writers out there. For this reward you get everything from the Beckettt Reward plus you get a personal on-line tutorial in comics script writing from writer Peter Rogers. He’ll review any scripts you have written and give you invaluable advice on how to write comics and how to submit your work to publishers. (£200 or $314.62. Add $31.46 for International Shipping)
  • The Never Forgotten Reward – This reward is reserved for that special Kickstarter supporter who wants to go down in interplanetary history. You get everything from the 134340 reward plus you get to be featured in the Graphic Novel with a special Cameo Appearance and a named credit as a character model. You also get an extra 5 signed copies of the softcover edition to give away to your friends so that they can bask in your glory as a famous comic character. (£500 or $786.55. Add $62.92 for International Shipping)

Forgotten Planet-04 proof