Word Balloon

by thatrogersguy

On Sunday night I had the great pleasure to talk with John Suintres, host of the pop culture podcast Word Balloon, essentially the Michael Parkinson of comics interviewing.  As I told John when we were chatting after the recording, Word Balloon was the first podcast I ever listened to.  I can track my weekly listening as far back as 2006 and the 7th Episode of the show, featuring Mark Millar talking about Civil War.  So being able to appear on the show, to spread the word about the Forgotten Planet Kickstarter campaign and to talk about my writing, was a genuine honour.

You can listen to the episode here, I’m on from about 34 minutes in, just after the Matt Fraction Marvel press conference for Inhumanity. We only have 6 days left on the Kickstarter so feel free to share the episode, to encourage more people to help make Forgotten Planet a reality.