Nazi Zombies and Blood Dolls hit Scardiff

by thatrogersguy

Tomorrow is my adopted home city’s first horror expo, the aptly titled Scardiff, featuring a host of creators from the horror world.

Dapper Chimp Press will be there, with the last of the first print run of Chris Smith and the Nazi Zombies from Hell Issue 1. CSATNZFH #1 was written by newcomer Julian Burrett, pencilled and inked by Viktor Bogdanovic (Reality Check), coloured by John Charles, lettered by Ian Sharman an edited by yours truly. If you’re at the show make sure you stop by and pick up a copy, before we sell out.

“…as an opening issue this is a promising start, combining a kind of existential slapstick with very real topical concerns about the rise of the extreme right-wing. Just as a book should not be judged by its cover neither should this comic be judged by its title alone…. ” Broken Frontier 


Markosia will be launching their new British Showcase anthology collection at the show too, a full colour 144 page book, overflowing with short stories from the best rising talent from this side of the pond. I have a short story in the book called Blood Dolls, pencilled and inked by Cheuk Po, coloured by Matthew John Soffe and lettered by Mindy Lopkin.  17 of the creators are due to be at the event tomorrow, and we’ll all be signing copies of the book.



With Halloween just around the corner, tomorrow seems like the perfect precursor to me.