Blood Dolls hits Comixology

by thatrogersguy

At the end of last year I wrote a short story called Blood Dolls, as part of a monthly writing challenge on the Comics Experience workshop forum. After getting some feedback and critiques from other forum members and workshop staff, I set about re-writing a second draft. Around the same time I met an up and coming artist called Cheuk Po, a fellow member of the Small Press Commandoes Facebook group.  He was looking for scripts to work on, so I sent him Blood Dolls.  Fast forward about 10 months and you can now read our story via Comixology.

I was approached by editor Adam Cheal to submit a story to a new anthology from Markosia called British Showcase, around the same time I was receiving pages from Cheuk. We brought in Matthew John Soffe on colours and Mindy Lopkin on letters and pretty quickly our little rock n’ roll tale was complete. The full 146 page anthology features a host of British talent, and the physical copy debuted last month at the Scardiff convention.  You can pick the book up digitally for just $4.99 or £2.99, which is an absolute steal.  Go get it.